My name is Robert and I was baptized as a Christian in 1994 after being persuaded of the truth of Christianity by the design arguments of Dr. Hugh Ross of  Reasons to Believe.  Because apologetics changed my life, I naturally decided to serve the Lord by becoming an apologist.  In pursuit of this objective, I learned a great deal about evolution, cosmology, the manuscript evidence for the reliability of the Old Testament and the various philosophical arguments for a belief in Jesus Christ.  Though I learned a great deal and became even more firmly convinced that there was a God, I also became tremendously dissatisfied.  I believed that God existed and that Christianity was true, but the more I learned the more I realized that I didn’t understand the Bible at all.  Given that murder and genocide are obviously wrong, how could one understand the Old Testament?  Why did God allow mankind to fall in the Garden and thereby subject human beings to the pain and suffering of the world we find around us?  Why did forgiveness of sins require the Son of God to be tortured to death?

For all of these questions, Christians had various off-the-shelf answers but none of them were very satisfying.  “Trust in the God who loved you so much that he died on the cross for you.” was the only real answer that helped at all.  While this answer was good enough to sustain me on my Christian journey, it did not satisfy.  How do you reconcile what the Bible says with the unconditional, patient and generous love you experience in Jesus Christ?

Over the last fifteen years, I have found the answers to the questions that disturbed me when I was a younger Christian and I started this website to share those answers.  The organization of the site is as follows:

  • In the “Atheists” tab, you will find a collection of arguments made by atheists organized by atheist.
  • In the Questions tab, you will find a series of questions that have been asked and the responses that I have written that are relevant to each question.
  • In the “Good News” section, I outline the gospel as I see it.  Quite simply, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best possible good news.
  • The “About” section gives a brief bio/testimony and links to my statement of faith.

The Primary Questions

The primary questions that I started this website to answer concern the Old Testament, the Atonement and the purpose of evil and suffering.

As for the Old Testament, I believe that the Old Testament can only be understood if you understand that Moses was a sinner who needs the grace and forgiveness of God as much as anybody else.  I also believe that only by approaching the Old Testament with faith and love can you understand it and that a study of the Old Testament provides us with the best method of teaching morality that is available.  These essays and more can be found in the “Understanding the Old Testament” topic on the side bar.

As for understanding the atonement, I believe that the atonement is multifaceted and that understanding the cross from an additional perspective answers the objections that skeptics raise.

As for the question of evil and suffering, I believe that a correct understanding of God’s plan requires that we acknowledge that only God is capable of perfect love.  If this is true, then this changes the way we think of evil and illuminates the importance of faith.  With these ideas, the plan of God and the purpose for suffering can be much more easily understood.  It also helps to understand the Beatific Vision that offers the hope of a better life.

So please take a look around and see if any of what I have written makes sense to you.  Note that because this website is a chronicle of my Christian journey, it is a work in progress and will change as I add new posts and modify old ones.  Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.  Once again, welcome to my site and I hope that you find these musings to be a helpful blessing!


Over the course of the years, I have had an enormous anger towards many people.  In some of the posts on this site, you can see the dying embers of this anger in various expressions of pride and self-righteousness.  I decided to leave these problems in the site to emphasize the truth that the Christian life is a journey of maturation and growth.  Please forgive me for these failures as you sift through the chaff for the kernels of truth that I have found over the years.  5/18/2017

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