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The Sin of Adam, Augustine and the Modern Church

The other day I was listening to a podcast where a few different Christians were discussing the revered church father Augustine.  Honestly, I have always disliked the attitudes of Augustine towards sexuality.  This is an extreme caricature of Augustine’s attitudes, … Continue reading

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Human Evolution, Adam and Original Sin

As I have discussed in another essay, some believers seem to believe that the fall of man was a super-cosmic event.  God’s wrath at Adam’s disobedience caused Him to supernaturally change lions from vegetarians to predators, to pummel the various … Continue reading

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Did God Want to Keep Humanity Down?

I was watching a debate between Michael Shermer and John Lennox the other day on  YouTube.  At the end of the debate, a member of the audience asked a very difficult question.  Though I really like John Lennox and I … Continue reading

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