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Jesus Orders a Massacre

If you go to my YouTube channel, you will find among the comments there many comments by an anonymous contributor who calls himself “Ackmonra”.  While we were discussing the nature of Hell, I wrote that I knew that Jesus was … Continue reading

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Throwing Moses Under the Bus Part 3: Two New Tools

As we have seen in Part 2 of Understanding the Old Testament, the traditional picture of Moses as the perfectly obedient servant of God is a flawed picture.  In his handling of the command that God gave him to “hang … Continue reading

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Impervious to Evidence: Hitchens and Hume

While watching videos on YouTube the other day, I came across a nugget which I found to be particularly rewarding.  In a debate on religion with Frank Turek, Christopher Hitchens said something which I found to be intensely gratifying: . … Continue reading

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