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Questions from an Atheist

A number of months ago, I posted a brief “Discussion of Evil” wherein I attempted to summarize my understanding of the problem of evil.  A while thereafter, an atheist who calls himself “makagutu” responded by asking a series of questions … Continue reading

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Eternity and the Human Need of God

Over the last few months, I have had a number of exchanges with a correspondent who calls himself MyAtheistLife.  One of the recurring themes which has come up is his refusal to accept that human beings need God’s help to … Continue reading

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Bad Theology Part 1: Adam in the Garden

This post is an example of the tremendous anger that I had toward the church of Jesus Christ for many years.  Even its dying embers exhibited an enormous pride and hostility, may the Lord forgive me.  I was going to … Continue reading

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A Discussion of Evil

** AMENDMENT** According to legend, Oliver Cromwell famously responded to an artists painting of him without his warts by saying, “Show me as I am, warts and all”.  Reviewing this post just a few days ago (April 28, 2017), I … Continue reading

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Speculations Concerning the Divine Plan

Looking at the science to see if we can see God’s fingerprint in the world around us and studying the Old Testament to see if we can make sense of it is all very well, but if we cannot explain … Continue reading

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God Working Through the Demonic

It is always difficult to know where to get on the merry-go-round.  In a holistic and consistent system of thought, every idea depends on other ideas and it is difficult to know which idea to present first.  The whole thing … Continue reading

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