Atheist Arguments

It is important that Christians challenge the arguments made by those who attack Christianity in the public square with arguments that are based in reason and demonstrate God’s love for all human beings.  As I have gone over the different arguments over the years, it has always been my intention to make a compendium of the basic arguments that I have seen and my responses to them.  Here then is my list of atheist arguments organized by author.

Christopher Hitchens

Was an author and journalist who was originally from the United Kingdom before he moved to the United States.  The author of many books including God is Not Great, he was my favorite atheist.  I am sorry that he is gone.

Sam Harris

The articulate and thoughtful author of The End of Faith, Dr. Harris has a degree in neuroscience but his arguments tend to attack difficulties with the faith.

Richard Dawkins

The worlds most prominent atheist, Richard Dawkins is an Oxford professor and author of many books including: The God Delusion, The Blind Watchmaker, Climbing Mount Improbable and The Selfish Gene.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Popular author, astrophysicist and television personality, Neil deGrasse Tyson brings a rare combination of wit, charisma, charm and intelligence to the debate between atheists and theists.

Bart Ehrman

A liberal New Testament scholar who teaches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Ehrman argues against the reliability of Scripture.

  • Dr. Ehrman argues that the two books that claim to be authored by the Apostle Peter are Forged, I examine his scholarship in my essay “Bart Ehrman’s Forged“.
  • Dr. Ehrman argues that Scripture is unreliable because the books of the New Testament were not selected by some kind of vote in the early church, but by an organic process where competing groups of Christian believers each had their own set of canonical books and the successful groups established the canon.  I examine this argument in my essay, “Bart Ehrman and Religion Soup“.


A scientist who runs a YouTube channel, Thunderfoot seems to focus on debunking young earth arguments.

Miscellaneous Atheists

When I come across an argument from an atheist who is unknown, I throw it into this section.

  • An atheist argued that the fact that brain damage causes personality change to be convincing proof of atheism.  I discuss this argument in “Brain Damage and the Soul“.
  • Many atheists demand evidence before they will believe.  I have outlined the evidence for Christianity in my post, “The Demand for Evidence“.
  • Many atheists argue that Christians have the burden of proof in the God debate.  I address this issue in ‘Atheists, Axiomatic Truths and the Burden of Proof“.
  • A correspondent with the handle “Drexus” has argued that human beings don’t need God to know morality. I have answered his argument in “The Need for a Vision“.

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