As I write and post on this blog, I am somewhat concerned that I am clear as to where I am coming from.  To put it succinctly, I am a Christian explorer who has no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek attempting to make sense of the words of the Bible as best I can.  To make it clear that I am going through a process of exploration and growth, I will occasionally add an amendment to a post to indicate a change in my thinking.  I will also post corrections to errors of various kinds as I become aware of them.  To notify people who are interested of these changes, I have decided to keep an amendment log where I note down changes that I have made where my thinking has changed.

May 2017

Added a note to the effect that I had been extremely self-righteous and proud in various posts.

June 2015

Amended my post on homosexuality and abomination to make it clear that I do not support gay marriage and believe that we as Christians must stand up for God’s word in the public square.

Amended my post on “The After Action Report” to remove any reference that might be construed as support for gay marriage in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision.

Amended my post on “China, the Dollar and the Coming Financial Crisis” with a discussion that I had with a taxi driver.

February 2015

Removed the post “Ancient Homosexuality” because the modern church is embracing homosexuality as though it were not a sin and I cannot encourage this in any way.

Removed “The Lure of Theistic Evolution” because I believe that the term “Theistic Evolution” is incompatible with the supernatural activity of God that I believe was required to create life on earth.

Removed “Speculations Concerning the Rapture” because I realized that I had nothing useful or interesting to add to the topic of eschatology.

Modified the post “Death of a Pacifist” to honestly reflect the fact that I have no good solution for the dilemma posed by certain Old Testament passages.

January 2015

Realized that I had taken credit for creating a helpful image when I had actually borrowed that image from somewhere on the web.  I edited my post “Obvious Yet Hard to See” to explain and apologize for this act of plagiarism.

Rewrote my post on the burden of proof to remove an error concerning the origin of the idea that the burden of proof should rest on the prosecutor in criminal cases.

December 2015

Rewrote my post on the nature of hell because the previous post exhibited too much pride.

November 2015

Realized that I had made a false claim about the early manuscript and archaeological evidence for the reliability of the New Testament and amended the text of “Proof of Life” where I talked primarily about the existence of Mohamed.

Realized that I had mentioned cataclysmic events that surrounded the Flood instead of cataclysmic events that surrounded the Fall in my post, “Human Evolution, Adam and Original Sin“.

September 2014

Realized that my post on human suffering did not mention the Cross of Jesus Christ and fixed this error.

Changes to Reflections on Hell, The Death of a Pacifist and The Nature of Hell that reflect the eternal and horrific ramifications of the decision to take the Mark of the Beast during the tribulation.  When I have previously written that I believed that God’s goodness would require every sinner to be given the final choice of lesser or greater hell with a full knowledge of what they were choosing, I did not realize that it is possible to make such a decision here on Earth.

August 2014

Change to The Ultimate Error where I write what I hope Joyce Meyer meant in the teaching of hers to which I objected.

Change to Ancient Homosexuality where I confess to going too far in my attempts to downplay the sinfulness of homosexuality.

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