A Rational Faith

A Rational Faith

In 2008, I completed my book A Rational Faith:  Modern Biblical Literalism wherein I try to present the outline of a rational Christian worldview.  Below are the sections of the book that I have published so far on this site.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2:  The Case Against the Christian Faith

I have written a superior summary of the arguments for atheism in “Reasons to Disbelieve“.

Chapter 3:  The Principles of a Rational Christian Faith

Chapter 4:  Speculations Concerning the Divine Plan

Chapter 5:  Perfecting Humanity in God’s Training Ground

Chapter 6:  Thought Experiments

Chapter 7:  God at Work in Human History

Chapter 8:  An Overview of God’s Plan for Mankind

Chapter 9:  A New Model of Christianity

Chapter 10:  Answering the Case Against Christianity

Chapter 11:  The Case for Christianity

Chapter 12:  A Rational Faith

Chapter 13:  Resistance to the Message


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