A Completed Work

Recently, WordPress sent me an email reminding me that I started this blog some four years ago.   When I started, my goal was to explore the ideas that would be the basis for my second book.  The book was to be entitled From First Principles: A Christian Apologetic and its purpose was to share the best answers that I have found to the questions that have made living a fully committed Christian life difficult.  These are the “why” questions that atheists often use to bludgeon Christians:

  • “Why did Jesus Christ have to be tortured to death on the cross?”
  • “Why does God require faith?”
  • “Why did God create evil?”
  • “Why is their so much pain and suffering in the world?”
  • “Why does God order the Israelites to commit genocide in the Old Testament?”
  • “Why does God send people to hell?”
  • “If God exists, why does it look as though life has evolved?”
  • “If God exists, then why would human beings have a history that goes back thousands of generations?”

To my mind, these central “why questions” are the most important questions that confront us as we live the Christian life.  Any reasonable adult will understand and agree that a limited amount of pain and suffering could, in principle, be worthwhile depending on the goal.  We even have a saying that recognizes our willingness to make this exchange.  We say, “no pain, no gain” to motivate ourselves to suffer through difficulty in order to attain a desired goal.  On the other hand, experiencing gratuitous pain at the hands of another person is the hallmark of an abusive relationship and any intelligent, self-respecting adult would avoid someone who inflicts pain on themselves or others without a good reason.  What is that reason?  Why would God create a world filled with such pain?

To answer these questions, I wanted to employ the power that a narrative has to explain a set of facts that is otherwise a mystery.  I cannot be the only person who has ever found the actions of a friend incomprehensible until I was able to ask them directly and have them explain?  As the explanation unfolds, seemingly irreconcilable facts fall into place in a harmonious account that offers a satisfactory explanation and answers all of the obvious questions.  The goal of my book, therefore, was to supply a Biblically based narrative that offered an explanatory framework for answering these why questions.

As I survey the work that I have done over the last four years on this site, it seems to me as though I have accomplished my goal.  In the posts that I have written over the last four year, an interested reader will find my best answers to the “why questions” that I have struggled with over the course of my Christian walk.  It is up to the reader to determine whether or not I have answered these questions well, but all of my best answers are available in the posts that I have written:

Having shared my best answers to these difficult questions and thus accomplished the purpose that I set out to accomplish, I have decided that I am no longer going to actively maintain this site.  I hope that every reader has gotten something valuable from what I have written and that we will meet some day in the Kingdom of our Lord.

About Robert V

Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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