The Old Testament in One Diagram

So I am a big believer in simplicity and I was thinking of the simplest way to explain my interpretation of the Old Testament.  I did this once before with my “Reformed Christian Quiz“, but I didn’t think it was simple enough.  As I thought about it, it seemed to me that a picture is worth a thousand words so I decided that the easiest way is to just use a picture with a brief explanation.  First the picture and then the brief explanation:


So in this diagram we show Mount Goodness which is just a visual representation of morality.  At the pinnacle of Mount Goodness is the cross representing the teachings of Jesus Christ, the example that He gave for us in His life and the example of His apostles in the New Testament.  Far below the summit we see Modern Israel which is the pinnacle of the morality obtained by Western civilization.  Below that we have Moses representing himself, the other Old Testament prophets, the Law and the teachings of the Old Testament.  Notice that Modern Israel and the morality of Western civilization surpasses that of Moses and the Old Testament Law.  This is a very critical point.  Next we see Ancient Israel which, in my opinion, represents the absolute nadir of human morality.  God chose those Ancient Israelites, in the midst of the most vicious and barbarous human beings in all of history, to demonstrate the transforming power of his love.  The Old Testament, therefore, is the story of the human journey up Mount Goodness from the valley when many human societies were more savage than ISIS.

To see specific examples of how Mount Goodness informs our understanding of the Old Testament, see my posts “The Greatest Sins in Human History“,  “The Great Sin of Elisha” and “Throwing Moses Under the Bus Part 1“.


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