The Nature of the Atonement

I thought I would repost this as I think the question of why Jesus had to die on the cross for God to forgive sins is one of the most common asked by those who are genuinely seeking the truth.

A Thoughtful Christian

A Rational Faith Section 3.13 – The Nature of the Atonement

One of the greatest difficulties involved in believing in the Christian faith is the idea that Jesus Christ had to die on the cross at Calvary in order for God the Father to forgive sins.  This idea does not seem to make any sense.  Is God the Father so savage that the only way he can feel better about a crime is to commit a worse one against an innocent?  How does the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ work?

The response to these questions that I got from my reading was that Jesus Christ had to die on the cross to meet the righteous requirements of God’s law.  This is, however, only half of the story.  Imagine you were going to arrange a special birthday party for your child where you wanted to make everything perfect.  It was going to take a lot of time…

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