In the Pursuit of Fun with Friends

I have loved board games for as long as I can remember.  When I first became a Christian, I had to give up playing because my competitive nature made gaming incompatible with my Christian walk.  After a few years, I was able to take up gaming again and I have never enjoyed it more.  Walking with Christ makes everything more fun and playing games with other people is a blast even when I lose.

Over the last thirty years, the best time I ever had with any board game was a game called Civilization.  I loved civilization even though it took as many as 6 hours to play a full game.  Why?  It all came down to the frantic commodity trading that was a minor part of that game.  It was so intense that you felt like you were a commodity trader in the pits of Chicago.

As I have looked fondly back at the times I played Civilization, I have always wanted a game that captured that same frantic feel of trading commodities while the timer runs out, but I have never found a game that made the grade.  Disappointed by not being able to recapture that fun, I began to design my own game.  After a conversation with a friend a few months ago solved a couple of problems, I finally wrote the rules for what I believe is a great trading game that I have named Merchant Houses of Venice.  I have created a developer’s blog for the game and started a Kickstarter campaign to try and complete development and  I thought I would let my subscribers here know about that.  If you or anyone you know loves board games that have good competition and friendly interaction, then check out Merchant Houses of Venice at the links below:

The Merchant Houses of Venice developer’s blog:

The Merchant Houses of Venice Kickstarter campaign:

The Kickstarter Campaign

Thank you!

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Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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