Child Princes of the West

And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.  (Isaiah 3:4)

The Bible tells us that when God’s judgment falls on a people, its princes will be children.  In other words, God tells us that a people under his judgment will be led by those who are childish in their thinking.  As a successful author, academic and one of the most famous scientists in the world, Richard Dawkins is what the Bible would call  a “prince” of Western civilization.  In a recent comment during a televised interview, Richard Dawkins demonstrated that he has the understanding of a toddler when it comes to religion.  This comment demonstrates both that judgment is coming upon Western civilization and the form that that judgment will take.

“The Bible itself is as toxic as the Quran but most Christians are not taught to believe it literally. Most Christians are taught to believe it metaphorically or allegorically.”  (Richard Dawkins in televised interview with Alan Colmes)

Only a person with a toddler’s understanding of the Bible and the Quran could believe such nonsense.  This claim is so patently ridiculous that the very fact that it requires refutation is evidence in and of itself that Western civilization has entered the final stages of senile dementia that precede a catastrophic collapse.

The primary questions that one would ask of any religious book in order to determine its “toxicity” seems to me to be fairly obvious.  “What does the book ask people to do?  Who is the human being who has most successfully implemented this program?”  In the case of the Bible, the book urges a believer towards kindness, gentleness, peace, thankfulness, sobriety, self-control, meekness, honesty, sacrificial giving, forgiveness and love for God and those created in God’s image.  The person most to be emulated is Jesus Christ who laid down his life for others in a divine act of love and forgiveness.  In the Quran, believers are asked to emulate a 7th century warlord who conquered Arabia and told his followers to extend this conquest.  Given these basic facts, the idea that a point by point comparison of the Bible and the Quran is even necessary is absurd to the point of obscenity, and yet this is the world in which we live.

Now if this comment was just a senile, anti-Christian bigot spouting off nonsense, then this would be amusing but not really alarming.  The problem is that the politically correct moral relativism that underlies these attitudes and makes expression of them acceptable in modern society is destroying civilization.  When Western leaders like Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Barack Obama all expound that Islam is a religion of peace, that Christianity and Islam are the same and that Islamic cultures are identical to Christian cultures this does enormous damage.  When they go beyond mere words and advocate the unlimited immigration of Muslims into western countries, the acceptance of Islamic law and the overthrow of secular governments in favour of Islamic governments, however, nonsense has become an existential threat.

The truth is that education matters.  If a human child was raised by dogs, then when that child is older he or she is going to run around on all fours and be unable to speak.  If a human being is raised in a Christian society with Christian values, then that person will have a deep-seated appreciation for the values emphasized in the teachings of Christ.  While this unconscious appreciation is incapable of making someone perfect and can even make society worse in some cases, the overall effect on society is likely to be positive.  In a society where the teachings of Muhammad are memorized in a madrasa, on the other hand, children will have an altogether different set of values and this must make an enormous difference.

The bottom line is that a society that cannot tell the difference between the Bible and the Quran is a doomed society.  It is a society that cannot tell the difference between a conquering warlord and a humble teacher of righteousness.  It is a society that cannot tell the difference between a polygamist who married a young girl and a celibate who preached that divorce was unlawful.  It is a society that cannot tell the difference between a man who taught his followers to “turn the other cheek” and a man who taught his followers to smite unbelievers “on their necks”.  It is a society which has no problem with the proliferation of pride, pornography, drugs, abortion and violence.  It is a society which has no understanding of morality and is on the road to ruin.

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Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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