A Fundamental Asymmetry

Though I try not to be political, a growing concern for the fate of Canada has caused me to write a few short pieces in defence of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.  To that end, I want to address an argument that I have seen many liberals make.  When the glaring flaws of their candidate are pointed out, many people will say, “Well both candidate A and candidate B are incompetents.  I will vote for the incompetent who has better policies.”  In response to this argument, I would say that a fundamental asymmetry between liberal and conservative agendas means that liberals cannot vote for an incompetent that they agree with while conservatives can.

The fundamental asymmetry that exists is between the policy goals of the liberals and conservatives and their relative difficulties.  A conservative promises to keep taxes low, provide law and order and allow people to live their lives with as little government interference as possible.  A liberal wants to spend billions of dollars to improve society with complex government programs encapsulated in thousands of pages of legalese that grant arcane powers to obscure regulatory agencies and bureaucracies.  Assigning a “degree of difficulty” to these two basic policy objectives, one would have to say that  the Conservatives have a degree of difficulty of “3” while the liberals have a degree of difficulty of “6”.  It is as if you had a choice between two incompetents one of whom was offering to cut your grass while the other was offering to perform open heart surgery on you.  If both are incompetents and you had to choose, which incompetent would you choose?

Please vote for Stephen Harper.

** Amendment **

I should note that I believe that Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper are both well intentioned and capable men and that I will certainly pray for Justin Trudeau now that he is Prime Minister of Canada.

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Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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