Was Hitler a Christian?

I have been engaged in an argument with a correspondent who calls herself “Sonniq”.  She has made a number of false historical claims, but her primary false claim is that Adolf Hitler was a “devoted Christian”.  It seems to me that she makes this claim because she believes it to be hurtful to me, but ridiculous claims cannot injure me as she intends.  Instead I find it tremendously sad.  Jesus Christ could make her beautiful if only she would let him, but instead she chooses to try and tear beauty down by associating Adolf Hitler with the gospel

Normally, I wouldn’t take this issue seriously because the claim is laughably absurd, but she has been so insistent that I can only conclude that she has had some success in upsetting immature Christians with this drivel.  For the sake of these vulnerable, brothers and sisters, I am going to do a quick review of why I find these claims to be absurd.

Before we dismantle the claim that Adolf Hitler was a “devoted Christian”, it is important to acknowledge the limited extent to which the claim is historically accurate.  Over the course of the 19th and 20th century, Germany turned from a Christian nation to an apostate nation.  When Hitler rose to power, he appealed to vestigial churches and the antisemitic attitudes that had been taught by Christians for generations because of the abominable teaching of Replacement Theology.  He was successful in this appeal because those Germans who still considered themselves Christians were terrified by the prospect of what the communists were doing to churches in lands where they had seized power and these “Christians” supported Hitler to oppose Stalin.

But the lie that Adolf Hitler was a “devoted Christian” or that National Socialism had anything to do with Christianity is revealed by a few facts:

  1. The Waffen SS were Hitler’s elite troops and they were ideologically trained to be ardent Nazis.  They were taught that Jesus Christ was the “illegitimate son of a Jewish whore” and they destroyed all the crosses in the areas of France under their control during the invasion of France.
  2. The Bible does not mention the Aryan race nor provide any support for the notion of German racial superiority.
  3. Friedrich Nietzsche was an ardent anti-Christian, claimed that “God was dead” and his superman theories were the basis of Nazi ideology.

Yes the Prussian military tradition was steeped in Christianity and “Gott mit uns” (or “God with us”) was on the belt buckles of some German soldiers, but the symbols, ideology, and mythology of the Third Reich were not Christian.

Despite these essential facts, people like my correspondent will still insist that Adolf Hitler was a devoted Christian because, as a politician trying to get support, he claimed to be one on occasion.  They can do so because they believe in what I call “customized reality”.   That is to say, they believe that a person is in reality what they claim to be.  Does a man think he is a woman?  Then he is a woman.  Does a white woman think she is a black woman?  Then she is a black woman.  Even granting the highly dubious claim that Hitler considered himself to be a Christian, such “Customized reality” is nonsense.  Imagine a lunatic who claims to be a kangaroo hopping around and dismembering people with a chainsaw.  Does the behaviour of this lunatic tell you anything about real marsupials?

Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’

Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’  (Matthew 7:22-23)

The bottom line reason that Adolf Hitler was not a Christian is that we human beings don’t make that determination.  When we stand before Jesus Christ on the day of judgment, He determines whether or not we have been faithful to his calling.  Will Adolf Hitler be counted as a Christian on that day?  I cannot speak for my Lord in such matters, but the fact that his last act on Earth was killing himself and his wife to avoid Russian revenge for his atrocities makes the proposition highly doubtful.

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Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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