A Quick History Lesson

So earlier this afternoon I sat down to read over some comments submitted by an atheist on one of my recent posts.  As I read over her comments, I quickly realized I was in big trouble.  I have heard that our politically correct educational system churns out robots indoctrinated to believe that liberalism is the essence of human goodness and that Christianity is bad, but what I read shocked me profoundly.  Here are some of her comments:

You have no real concept of racism, when it started or why. Racism was caused by white people who thought they were better than negroes and they had the right to own them.

When it comes to killing more people have been killed in the name of Christianity from trying to force people. For most of history it has been Christians doing the killing, Christians raising armies, Christians being judgmental, “God hates fags” signs. Christians killing abortion doctors.  (Comment from Jamie on my post “Standing for Truth on Gay Marriage”)

So after I got up off of the floor, I was extremely depressed.  How do you deal with ignorance at this level?

Now when I confronted her on the idea that white people were solely responsible for racial hatred, she quickly backed down and wrote that I had misunderstood what she wrote.  Reading it over again, however, it still seems clear to me that my initial impression on what she meant was correct.  Read over her comment and decide for yourself.

As for her assertion about Christians being responsible for most of the violence in history, let’s take just a quick overview of some of the episodes of mass-murder perpetrated in the 20th century:

  • The Turkish genocide against the Armenians (Muslim)
  • Hitlers genocide against Jews, gypsies and political opponents. (Pagan nationalism)
  • Stalin’s genocide against the Ukrainians (Communism)
  • Mao’s Cultural Revolution (Communism)
  • Rwandan Genocide (Tribal Hatred)
  • Ugandan genocide under Idi Amin (Muslim)
  • The Rape of Nanking (Japanese nationalism)
  • Indonesian genocide against East Timor (Indonesian nationalism/Muslim)
  • Mass starvation in North Korea (Communism)
  • Khmer Rouge in Cambodia (Communism)
  • The Sudanese genocide (Muslim)
  • Bosnian genocide (Christian)

Looking over the list of genocides in the 20th century, how does Jamie’s assertion that “more people have been killed in the name of Christianity” fare?  In terms of sheer numbers, one would have to say that Christianity is way down on the list as a sponsor of genocide.

In fact, the situation was so dire that it led deceased atheist Christopher Hitchens to do the most dishonest thing I ever saw him do.  Looking over this list, you could just see him think to himself, “Wow, Christianity really doesn’t have any big genocides on this list, I have to find a way to pin the Holocaust on Christianity”.  He then proceeded to argue that because the SS had “Gott mit uns” which translates to “God with us” on their belt buckles that this meant that the Nazi regime was Christian.  This despite the fact that the Jewish roots of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ are directly antithetical to the Aryan supremacy and paganism embraced by the Third Reich.  This despite the fact that the Aryan superman belief system was based on the teachings of the famed anti-Christian philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.  The most intellectually dishonest thing I ever saw Christopher Hitchens do and deeply disappointing.

The truth is that conservative German Christians were horrified by the way communists were treating the church in countries where they took over and these conservative elements in the church did join the Nazi party as a means of opposing communist atrocities.  Though Christianity does bear some responsibility for the Holocaust because many Christians follow the anti-Semitic teachings of Aquinas and Martin Luther, German national socialism was inherently an anti-Christian movement.

Even granting that the Christian church is partially responsible for the Holocaust because of the abomination of replacement theology, however, this brief overview of mass murder in the 20th century makes one thing clear.  The “fact” taught to children in our educational system  that Christians are responsible for more murder and violence than anyone else is simply a lie without any basis in actual fact.  Dare we mention the baseline fallacy inherent in the argument that Christianity is responsible for crimes committed by a Christian nation?  No.  This is far too advanced a topic for someone who has such an erroneous notion of basic history.

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6 Responses to A Quick History Lesson

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Maybe the Native American genocide of North America slipped your mind? Just a thought.

    • Robert V says:


      Your knowledge of history is as faulty as your knowledge of every other subject on which you have written. Since my mother is 100% native American, I am familiar with those atrocities. But I was specifically speaking of atrocities that occurred in the 20th century. This is the century that has more murder than any other with the possible exception of the Mongolian conquests which some historians estimate killed as many as 60 million people.

      robert v

      • Arkenaten says:

        of every other subject on which you have written.

        I didn’t realise that that particular genocide is now passe. No point bringing it up again then , I guess? My apologies.

        I am also greatly impressed … nay, amazed in fact that you had the time to read everything else I have written and I applaud your own encyclopedic knowledge and quite brilliant talent.

        It is just a shame it comes as part of the arrogant,ignorant little shit that you are.

      • Robert V says:


        You are an anonymous contributor and when I click on your link I go to an empty blog. Obviously, given these facts and the context “everything you have written” means all the comments you have placed on my site. Can you not see what you are doing? You interpret my words and the Bible in the same wooden and simplistic way trying to create error where there is none. Your bias closes your mind to obvious facts.

        I am over 300 pounds and 6 foot 5 inches. If I am anything, I am an ignorant big shit. Please get your facts straight.

        I have responded to your comments in greater length in a three part series:

        Christianity and Scholarly Bias
        An Irrational Approach to Christianity
        A Rational Approach to Christianity

        Thanks for your comments,


      • Arkenaten says:

        I actually deleted my blog only two or three days ago, but have just reactivated it.
        Thanks for the clarification re your ‘big shit’ status. I shall remember for future.
        Glad you recognize your ignorance though. Well done.

      • Arkenaten says:

        Oh, and there is no rational approach to Christianity other than deconversion. Ask a deconvertee.

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