Exchange with a Lost Soul

I had an interesting exchange with a lost soul on YouTube tonight and I thought it was worth sharing.

Unprintable comment -Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube
Jesus loves you man.  I hope you accept his forgiveness before it is too late.  And, by the way, tolerance isn’t love.  There are genuinely unhealthy lifestyle choices that can make a person miserable and someone who truly loves that person must stand up and say, “You shouldn’t do that”.  Homosexuality is one of these.  It does not lead to true love or genuine happiness, only the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ can do that.  God Bless and have a great day.
-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube
Lol Jesus and god never gave me any happiness. Don’t tell me what’s going to make me happy or not. You know what makes me really happy? Marriage equality. HA
-Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube
What will make you genuinely happy is to be loved perfectly by other people.  This is why God’s primary commandments are to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind and Love thy neighbour as thyself”.  But genuine love isn’t as easy as, “I don’t care what you do or why you do it, just go and live your life.” genuine love requires the self-sacrifice and learning to accept and give forgiveness freely.
Jumping into bed with strangers doesn’t make people happy, it makes people so miserable and angry that the only people they have enough in common with to be able to stand for any length of time are those who are very similar to them.  This is why our society first went through the sixties “free love” period before the emotional baggage and pain of that experimentation led to gender role confusion and the explosion of homosexuality.  Tolerance of homosexuality seems loving because in our broken society such relationships are the closest most people can come to love, but the way to genuine love is to repent of our sexual sins and go back to the way that God commanded.
-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube
The god in the bible loves us in the same way an abusive boyfriend loves his girlfriend. I actually rejected him even before I knew how much of the bible had already been proven false. Learning he didn’t exist was one of the best moments of my life because I found out for certain the world wasn’t controlled by an evil maniac. You have no proof or evidence, so you’re acting this way for no reason.And I admit I agree with you when it comes to promiscuity. Bedding strangers is legitimately dangerous. But now gay marriage is fully recognized under the law and they can have that recognition and validation they crave. There will be less people who feel that need to meet in secret.If supporting love will send me to hell, why would I even want heaven? What is even remotely appealing about god or heaven?    -Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube
The evil maniac who died on the cross for you?  The evil maniac who said of those who were crucifying him “Forgive them father for they know not what they do?”  The evil maniac who said of the woman caught in adultery, “Neither, then, do I condemn you go and sin no more”?  I don’t think you know anything about the God of the Bible.  And before you bring up the Old Testament, I have studied it exhaustively.  I believe that its harshness can be understood if you are seeking a God of love.  Think, for example, of a mother talking to a toddler.  Does she talk to an older child or an adult the same way?  Maybe God was dealing with a brutal group of savages who made ISIS and the Taliban look like a bunch of Girl Scouts in the Old Testament and this is why He looks so harsh?
This world is what results when we human beings with a limited understanding do things the way that we think best instead of submitting to God’s superior love and knowledge.  You are not going to hell because you “support love”, you are making a hell for yourself because you will not accept God’s superior love and knowledge. -Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

Unprintable comment mentioning the crucifixion and the conquest of Canaan -Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

As I read your comments, it is clear that you have a lot of anger and don’t know much about love.  Certainly not enough to pass any kind of judgment on God.  He loves you anyway, so I hope you remember this conversation when you realize that you need His help, and His forgiveness.-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

By the way, I wouldn’t want you to think I cannot answer your questions concerning the crucifixion or the conquest of Canaan.  As for the conquest of Canaan, the phenomena of ISIS answered that question in a way that nothing else could have.  While you might support ISIS with a tweet on hashtag ISISLIVESMATTER when you see bombing strikes against ISIS, I believe that a society can become so depraved and evil that allowing  it to continue is more evil than destroying every man woman and child within it.  ISIS hasn’t reached this point yet, but if they had a few generations I believe they would get to the level of the original Canaanites that God ordered Israel to destroy.  As for the nature of the crucifixion, you can see my post “The Nature of the Atonement” on my blog “A Thoughtful Christian” on Van de Water comment on YouTube

I have to agree with you. Non-christians have a hard time getting their mind around the idea of good and evil. As a society, we’ve been taught to believe that everything is relative.-Joker11297 comment on YouTube

You’re the ones who think a god who kills children is GOOD. If anyone can’t grasp the concept of good and evil, it’s you;-Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

There is a passage in the Bible where God has a prophet tell one of the wicked kings of Israel, “I took your son because he was the only good thing I could find in your household” (paraphrased from memory)  As a materialist, you believe that death is the worst thing that can happen to someone.  As a person who believes that human beings live forever, I know that it is kinder for a child to be taken from this world early than allowed to grow up and be taught to be a monster by monsters.-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

Unprintable comment arguing that I cannot invoke MAGIC in defense of God  -Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

You cannot refute the existence of God by saying that God is evil because He did X, and when I explain how X is not evil because of Y continue to argue that Y is MAGIC.  If God exists, then the supernatural exists.  If God exists and is good, then human beings live forever and it can be kinder to destroy a society than to allow it to continue.  If the supernatural does not exist (what you call MAGIC), then God does not exist full stop.Your argument has ceased to be an argument from reason and become an argument based on pure emotion.  Such an argument is unanswerable.-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube
You assume I still care. It’s not as if I can convert you, and it’s not like it matters. You can’t prove god exists, but the very nature of being supernatural means you can’t disprove god either because anything that should be evidence against god can be easily explained away, e.g.: “God created the world with age” to brush off how utterly impossible young earth creationism is. I wouldn’t even care so much about this if people like you weren’t bent on using your religion as justification to treat people bad. But the victory for marriage equality is a good sign that people won’t be able to be so hateful without becoming hated themselves. So think whatever you want, you’re the one who has to live with it.-Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube
The Hebrew word yowm can mean a long period of time and I believe in the day/age interpretation of Genesis as taught by CalTech physicist Hugh Ross and his organization Reasons to Believe.You are the one who wants to charge someone a $150,000.00 fine because they disagree that homosexuality is a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  Have fun living in  your politically correct utopia.-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

I don’t want to charge them because they disagree, I want to charge them because they discriminated. They should have treated all their customers as equals. If you’re not up to that you have no business owning a business.-Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube


If they don’t have a right to an economic life, they don’t have a right to life.  How would you propose to perform the extermination? -Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

First off, your statement is assuming something which I don’t agree is true. Not having a right to an economic life certainly puts one’s life in a dangerous spot, but to say that it is completely and literally a death sentence is ludicrous and I think you know that.

Secondly I never ever stated that they have no right to an economic life. I don’t appreciate you insinuating that I did say that. They have a right to be as bitter and hateful as they want, and people have the right to stand up for themselves against bigots. Being a bigot is just bad for business. It’s their own fault..-Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

You know darn well that if they had been employees at a cake factory and been fired for the same reason, your opinion would be that their firing was justified.  So according to you, they wouldn’t have a right to a job or to own a business.  This means that they only have a right to live on the side of the street and starve to death.  When enough of us are on the side of the street, you will round us up and exterminate us.  Nothing that you have written has indicated to me that you would disagree with this conclusion when the time comes.  As you yourself have said, “it will be our fault” because we refuse to participate in what we believe to be an unhealthy and longterm unfulfilling lifestyle.-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

Exactly. It will be your fault, absolutely. I could list you dozens of people who’ve done things they believed were right, who were actually doing terrible things. You yourself brought up ISIS and I’m pretty sure they think they’re doing what has to be done.

I don’t care if you think it’s wrong to be gay, it doesn’t excuse you from being decent. -Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

So you will exterminate us because we refuse to bake a cake and I am the monster.   Wow.-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

Unprintable comment to the effect that he never said anything about extermination.  .-Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

Your view of religious rights is that I have the right to live as you think I should live.  A healthier view would be for you to say that I have the right to live as long as I do not do verbal or physical violence to you.  This idea seems to be deeply upsetting to you, but this is the true meaning of tolerance..-Robert Van de Water comment on YouTube

what if it was my religious belief that black people were subhuman and shouldn’t mix with whites, would you feel the same way? -Kiki Yuyu comment on YouTube

I thought this final question was so important that I addressed it in a final post entitled, “Jim Crow and Homosexuality“.

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