Three Catastrophic Sins

The United States is on the verge of a catastrophic judgment which will change the way people view reality and the way people live around the world.  The consequences of this judgment are going to be so severe that people are going to wonder what provoked God into allowing such a cataclysm.  The answer is that God has been tremendously patient with our nation over many decades and has only removed our protection after years of rebellion and defiance culminating in three catastrophic sins.


Since the Roe vs Wade decision made abortion legal almost 50 years ago, the United States has murdered more than 50 million children in the wombs of their mothers.  Though the majority of Americans profess to believe that abortion should only be legal in cases of rape or where the health of the mother is threatened, the majority of these abortions have been performed because one or both of the parents did not want to be burdened with the inconvenience of a child.  Not only that, but the law has even made legal the partial birth abortion procedure which cannot be a health benefit and is nothing less than legalized infanticide.

Though I believe the best way to oppose abortion is teaching people about the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ and not in criminalizing abortion procedures, it is clear to me that a nation that allows such a horrific level of damage to be done to its children and to their mothers without significant efforts to combat it on the part of government institutions must incur the judgment of God.


The gift of sex is the greatest gift given to mankind by God and it was given with stringent restrictions to prevent its abuse from destroying society.  Because extra-marital sex has been allowed and even encouraged in the United States since the Sexual Revolution, divorce has increased and people have become increasingly callous to one another.  This occurs because permissive sexual relationships result in emotional baggage that makes long term emotionally stable marriage relationships that teach people how to genuinely love one another in a self-sacrificial way increasingly difficult.  The resulting lack of genuine love has, in turn, led to an explosion of “gender identification issues” caused by the extreme emotional duress of rejection and loneliness experienced by teenagers in the dog eat dog emotional world of today’s high schools.  Rather than repent of sexually permissive behaviour, American society has doubled down on the Sexual Revolution by legitimizing many different forms of sexual lifestyle.

This rebellious stance against the rules that God gave us for our own emotional well-being will come to a head this summer when the Supreme Court finds the right of same sex couples to get legally married in the Constitution and thus redefines the divinely ordained institution of marriage.  With the Wheaties box symbol of American masculinity surgically destroying his gender identity, America is insisting that God was fundamentally wrong and that permissive sexual attitudes are healthy despite the overwhelming evidence of dysfunction we see around us.  Such a self-destructive attitude of determined defiance and rebellion can only be met with the severest possible rebuke by a God who loves us and seeks the best for us.

The Acceptance of Islam

Over the last hundred years, America has increasingly insisted that the principle of “separation of church and state” means that Christianity must be driven out of the public square.  From preventing public prayer, to disfiguring monuments to the courage and sacrifice of our veterans, to disallowing religious displays on public property, the campaign has been relentless.

Given the background of hostility towards expression of Christian faith in the public square, one can only marvel at the red carpet that has been rolled out for Islam.   Favourable references to Islam have been added to various text books, Muslim clerics are allowed to preach in prisons and at army bases where Christian ministers are not allowed and those who “blaspheme” Muhammad are roundly criticized whereas those who blasphemed Jesus were celebrated as heroes of free speech.

The greatest commandment in the Bible is that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind.  Because violations of this greatest commandment undermine every aspect of human health and well-being, such sins do the greatest possible damage and merit the sternest possible rebuke.  For this reason, adopting government policies that elevate a man who married a 9-year old girl while in his fifties, owned numerous sex slaves and killed many enemies during his military conquests to the same status as the humble healer and teacher of righteousness from Nazareth must have catastrophic consequences for our society even in the absence of the inevitable divine response.

The Coming Judgment:  A Warning

The other day I listened to the warning of a young woman who I believe to be a prophetess of God.  She was not selling a book or a DVD.  She is not a well-known televangelist and she asked for no contributions to her small ministry.  Instead she issued a plain and dire warning of catastrophic judgment coming upon the United States this fall.  Leaving herself absolutely no wriggle room when she declared that it was irreversible, she indicated that she was fully aware of the spiritual consequences of adding “Thus saith the Lord” to her proclamation and yet she did so boldly.  Listening to her, I immediately wanted to repent of everything I have done to contribute to the sins of my country.   I believe that in her message I heard the voice of a humble servant of God speaking the truth and not the voice of a false prophet spreading lies and panic for her own gain.  Listen to her warning for yourself and decide how you will respond.

About Robert V

Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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