So Funny it Hurts

This one hurts so much that I wish I was kidding . . .

So I was commenting on a YouTube video on the subject of bias when an atheist comes in and makes a comment.  He tells me that a new book called The Christian Delusion demonstrates that Christians are intellectually incapacitated by bias and provides a link.  The link turns out to be a link to Richard Carrier’s blog where he writes about his new book:

Two of The Christian Delusion‘s fifteen chapters are mine. The first is Why the Resurrection Is Unbelievable, which is the most definitive refutation of warranted belief in the resurrection I have ever composed. It’s a deliberate tour de force, such that I doubt I’ll ever have to write another.

The second is Christianity Was Not Responsible for Modern Science, which is another tour de force, conclusively taking down once and for all the claim that Christianity gave us modern science.

-Richard Carrier @ Richard Carrier Blogs on Richard Carriers contribution to The Christian Delusion

I have already discussed “Bias in the God Debate“, and I don’t think that I have anything additional to say on that subject, but the comment was so funny that I had to share it.  If you don’t understand what’s funny about someone holding up the most biased atheist in the world as an unbiased thinker using a link to an article where he calls his own writing a “tour de force” twice in two paragraphs, then it probably won’t help if I explain it.  I wonder if his review shows up on the back of the book cover?

Critics are raving about the The Christian Delusion ” . . . a tour de force . . . a tour de force” (

One thing is for sure, his review of his own book is a masterful “tour de force”.

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