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Letting Go of the Past

So earlier this afternoon, I was in a discussion with two friends.  They challenged me with a very difficult question.  “Why is it that you cannot let some of these things go?  Why do have a hard time moving on … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins on Sexual Reproduction

So the other day I was reading around on the Internet and I found this amazing exchange: OK, so this is probably not as scintillating a question as the topic heading suggests. I’ve heard a few biologists – Prof. Dawkins … Continue reading

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Three Catastrophic Sins

The United States is on the verge of a catastrophic judgment which will change the way people view reality and the way people live around the world.  The consequences of this judgment are going to be so severe that people … Continue reading

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Why I Oppose Palestinian Statehood

Once upon a time there was a man named Chuck who had a friend named Dave.  One day Chuck came home and was very angry.  “You cannot believe what happened to me today”, he told Dave.  “This banker stole my … Continue reading

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A Thoughtful Foreign Policy

The other day I got in an argument with a man over the foreign policy of the Obama administration.  This man basically accused me of being a Republican and stood firmly behind the foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack … Continue reading

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So Funny it Hurts

This one hurts so much that I wish I was kidding . . . So I was commenting on a YouTube video on the subject of bias when an atheist comes in and makes a comment.  He tells me that … Continue reading

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