Obvious Yet Hard to See

Bible believing Christians often believe strongly in the fundamental truths of God’s word. When non-Christians look at what we believe and how strongly we believe it, they cannot understand us and think that we are crazy. How can we look at this world and see a world of divine purpose and love? I wrote this essay to explain how the Word of God makes all the difference. With the Bible explaining to you what the world is and how it works, believers see the purpose of this world clearly while those who do not use the Bible as their guide are incapable of seeing the purpose of this world. The heart of this argument is a visual analogy using the image of a common item that everyone could easily recognize.

A Thoughtful Christian


So I want you to consider the image above for a little bit. What is it?

It is an image of something with which everyone capable of reading these words is familiar.  As I am looking at it, what it is seems rather too obvious.  In order for this post to get across the point I want to make, it needs to be completely obscure to you what exactly is in the image until I tell you what it is.  And yet I am afraid that I have failed completely.  What it is is just so darn obvious.  Maybe I should go and obscure it a little more . . .

Now when I first created this image, I did it to point out the limitations of reductionism.  The idea was to demonstrate that drilling down into the image was fairly useless  in terms of understanding what the image was…

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