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Chaucer, Shakespeare and Job

You who swelter in your clothes when the land lies hushed under the south wind, can you join him in spreading out the skies, hard as a mirror of cast bronze?  (Job 37:17-18) Going through a YouTube video the other … Continue reading

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Atheism, Axiomatic Truths and the Burden of Proof

In a previous post, I took a brief look at the issue of who has the burden of proof in the God debate.  When I originally wrote that post, I had a few tidbits that I wanted to weave into … Continue reading

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Obvious Yet Hard to See

Originally posted on A Thoughtful Christian:
So I want you to consider the image above for a little bit. What is it? It is an image of something with which everyone capable of reading these words is familiar.  As I…

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The Problem with Divine Law

When I tell atheists that I used to be an atheist, their attitude is typically skeptical.  “It is the propagandists stock in trade to attempt to claim objectivity by saying that they used to be a part of the opposing … Continue reading

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