The Nature of Hell

I rewrote this post to answer questions about my previous post and to fix some problems that existed in the previous version.

A Thoughtful Christian

Probably no doctrine in the Christian faith is more problematic than the existence of hell. A good God tormenting human beings forever in unquenchable fire seems as straightforward a logical contradiction as you could hope to have in any belief system. How can one believe the Bible when it propounds such a glaring and obvious inconsistency? How can one reconcile hell with the Old Testament “eye for an eye” principle of proportion that God commands? How much more difficult is it to reconcile hell with the “turn the other cheek” principle that God commands in the New Testament? What could a finite being possibly do to deserve an infinite punishment?

When I was a younger Christian, I regret to say, I didn’t think hell was such a huge problem because I had a tremendous bitterness towards other people and wanted them to suffer.  As God has changed my heart, my…

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