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Rational Wishful Thinking

What exactly is the point of going “looking for a God of love, kindness, forgiveness, grace and mercy.” if a god who is a villainous monster is also there, and in fact is one and the same. Isn’t it just … Continue reading

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The Atheist’s Cudgel: The Burden of Proof

As I have discussed various issues with atheists over the years, I have noticed that there is one area about which they are more sensitive than any other.  An atheist can calmly discuss the many difficulties of evolution, they are … Continue reading

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The Nature of Hell

Originally posted on A Thoughtful Christian:
Probably no doctrine in the Christian faith is more problematic than the existence of hell. A good God tormenting human beings forever in unquenchable fire seems as straightforward a logical contradiction as you could…

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Questions from an Atheist

A number of months ago, I posted a brief “Discussion of Evil” wherein I attempted to summarize my understanding of the problem of evil.  A while thereafter, an atheist who calls himself “makagutu” responded by asking a series of questions … Continue reading

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Brain Damage and the Soul

While going through videos on YouTube the other day, I came across an argument for atheism that I had not seen before.  A man claimed that he used to be a Christian before a devastating experience made him an atheist.  … Continue reading

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Review of C. S. Lewis vs the New Atheists

I just finished a book by Peter Williams entitled, C. S. Lewis Vs the New Atheists.  The book is accessible, well-written, interesting and I enjoyed it very much.  Though I recommend it highly, I did have one minor issue with … Continue reading

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The Hardest Truth

The anonymous donor who now sends me anti-God magazines hopes, no doubt, to hurt the Christian in me; he really hurts the ex-Atheist. I am ashamed that my old mates… should have sunk to what they are now.  (C. S. … Continue reading

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