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A Positive Gospel Presentation

Let us imagine that it is a cold, grey, winter morning.  One of those mornings where you are nice and cozy where you are, and it would be uncomfortably cold to push aside the bed covers and get out of … Continue reading

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Why I Believe in the Demonic

For many people and even many Christians, belief in the demonic is quaint if not totally laughable.  Though I disagree with this attitude, it is totally understandable.  We are modern people who have realized enormous benefits through our understanding of … Continue reading

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C. S. Lewis in the Dock

I once had a waking nightmare where I thought for a few minutes about the possibility that the Westboro Baptist Church really were, as they claim to be, the only true disciples of Jesus Christ on the Earth.  You know … Continue reading

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The Death of a Pacifist

As a child, my parents taught me to abhor violence.  From “don’t hit your brother” to “violence never solves anything”, I was indoctrinated with pacifist and liberal ideas from the time I was old enough to walk.  As I have … Continue reading

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