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The Beatific Vision

When I was eleven years old in middle school, I knew a smart and pretty young girl. She knew that I was smart and that I was a good student and she was nice to me. I thought she liked … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Restorations

When I was a young Christian, I had a terrible nightmare.  I was in what I groggily remembered later as a Mexican jail cell reenacting a scene from a movie.  (I believe it was “The Falcon and the Snowman”.)  In … Continue reading

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Pure Gibberish

Earlier this afternoon, my brain was destroyed.  I keep hoping that someone will tell me this is an April fools day joke.  I was perplexed, I was astonished, I could not believe what I was seeing.  It is the most … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman’s Forged

Dr. Bart Ehrman is a New Testament scholar who teaches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  A liberal scholar, he claims once to have had faith in the inerrant truth of the Bible as a Christian before … Continue reading

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Straight Up Spin

Recently, I published a catalog of techniques that are used to exaggerate the significance of scientific and statistical studies.  As I see more examples of this abuse, I am going to post about them.  The first addition to the catalog of … Continue reading

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An Error in the Bible

As I was surfing the web this afternoon, I came across the following headline: Big Mistake Discovered in the Bible If you followed the link and read the article, you found a study on camel bones conducted by Israeli archaeologists. … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman and Religion Soup

Why did we get these four (gospels) and what happened to the others?  As it turns out it’s not what most people think.  Most people think that there must have been some kind of church council.  Some people think that … Continue reading

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