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The Challenge Method of Teaching

A while back, I was at a Bible study with some really wonderful Christian people.  Getting a little bit too comfortable, I forgot myself and shared that I really hated the particular verse that we were studying.  (I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Quantum Mechanics in Kindergarten

When I was an undergraduate, I was having a very hard time in my Quantum Mechanics course.  Try as I might, I just couldn’t “wrap my head” around what I was being taught.  I went to the teacher’s assistant for … Continue reading

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Obvious Yet Hard to See

So I want you to consider the image above for a little bit. What is it? It is an image of something with which everyone capable of reading these words is familiar.  As I am looking at it, what it … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evil: The Four Catalysts

In a previous essay, we discussed God’s purpose in this world.  We argued that God is trying to show us our need of his love and forgiveness in order that we might accept his assistance and become true children of … Continue reading

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