Free Will and the Fall of Man: A Red Herring

One of the consequences of the doctrine of the Supremacy of Jesus Christ that I discussed in a previous essay is that when it comes to the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden, the issue of free will is a red herring.  This is not to say that I don’t believe in free will.  As anyone who has read my essays will know, I believe in free will and I have defended it against atheist attacks:

  1. In “Free Will Illusions”, I attempt to explain the scientific evidence that atheists use to attack the existence of free will.
  2. In “Harris and Dawkins Argue Against Free Will“, I discuss a talk given by Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins on this issue.
  3. I also have two YouTube videos on this subject that explore different aspects of the question.

So when I say that free will is a “red herring” when it comes to the fall of man, it is not because I do not believe in free will.  I believe that human beings effect reality by our choices.  Rather, it is because free will has very little to do with what happened in the Garden of Eden or the Fall of Man.

The assertion that Adam could have been as good as Jesus Christ using his free will is like saying that if he flapped his arms really hard and really tried, he could have flown over the moon.  This is just not possible for many reasons.  His arms cannot generate enough lift to get airborne given the strength of gravity.  Even if they could, he could not survive in the airlessness of space.  Even if he were wearing a space suit, flapping his arms would cease generating lift as soon as he left the atmosphere.  In just this same way, Jesus Christ is by nature one with the father.  By his very nature, he shares intimacy with God the Father and was incapable of disobedience.  He has a perfectly loving nature that, as a finite created being, Adam did not have.  It was impossible for Jesus Christ to sin or love imperfectly and it was impossible for Adam to love perfectly or avoid sin.

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Former atheist currently living in Toronto.
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