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Let us consider a father and his young daughter Gloria. At school one day, the daughter is given a homework assignment. “Draw a crayon picture showing the class how your father get breakfast for your family.” Gloria comes home and … Continue reading

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The After Action Report

After an argument with an older lady in the church on the subject of whether or not Christians should use political power to enforce Biblical principles on those who do not believe, I was deeply vexed.  I thought to myself, … Continue reading

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An Encounter with a Human Derelict

While coming home from church on Sunday, I had one of those encounters that makes me feel so ashamed to be a human being that I become disgusted with myself.  I was getting a chicken shawarma plate with everything on … Continue reading

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A Vexing Question

Having just published a post entitled, “An Encounter with a Human Derelict” in which I honestly shared my revulsion for homeless people, I felt that I needed to humanize myself so that people don’t come to think of me as … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Reductionism

In my Case for Christianity series of posts, I started with a discussion of the importance of reductionism.  In the book that I intend to write that outlines my case, this advocacy of reductionist thinking was to be followed by … Continue reading

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The Case for Christianity Part 2: A Divine Mind

As we have seen, reductionist thinking is essential when investigating complex issues.  For this reason, the first question that we are going to address in examining the evidence for the truth of Christianity is as simple as we can make it. … Continue reading

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An Open Apology, Motivation and Rules of Posting

An Open Apology I believe in intellectual honesty and this means admitting when you are wrong.  This morning and yesterday, I have said some things to two correspondents (MyAtheistLife and Makagutu) that I should not have said and I am … Continue reading

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